Why You Should Never Delete Your Content

They can go viral later on without you even realizing

Sean Peck
3 min readNov 2, 2021


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Each piece of content you create is special.

It shows how much time and effort you put into it and how much it truly means to you. I like to think of content creation as art, and you can look at the artist's discography by going through the type of content they post. Creating and using our creativity is what humans are born to do. Without creation, we wouldn’t have phones, cars, planes, or any of those things.

To delete that content you spent time on makes no sense to me. Even if it flops in views, there is still no reason to delete it as it can always jump up in views as time goes by.

This same thing happened to me on a story that I really wanted to delete at first.

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Why Patience Pays Off

Here are the stats from this story that blew up more than a month later after it was posted on Medium:

Keep in mind, when this story was posted in Mid-September it was getting 5–10 views a day until more than a month later in October, the story started to pick up and get around 100 views a day.

It’s ironic because I wanted to delete this story so bad but I never did. I didn’t enjoy writing it and I really didn’t think it was funny at all. No matter how bad you think your stories are, art is perceived differently by everyone and the same thing can be said about your stories on Medium. It’s important to get started on creating content right away instead of waiting around to post.

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