Nothing is impossible with social media

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I’ve always been super invested in digital marketing and social media for business. The amount of opportunity you have for a career when being a digital media content creator is outstanding.

There are so many social media platforms out there right now and these platforms can promote a business or brand. One app that is most commonly used to promote is Instagram. Instagram gives the creator the ability to build their own personal brand through pictures and videos. Honestly, I would have to say that Instagram is my favorite platform to use to build a brand.

I’ve been making Instagram…

A simple strategy that anyone can do

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When I first joined Medium back in May I was aware of the possible amount of money a writer could potentially make and I was confident in my abilities to make money on Medium. I decided to really go out and set a challenge for myself last month to post as much content as possible, I even took a chance and joined a 30 Day writing challenge.

Writing is easier said than done.

There’s so much more to content writing that people just don’t seem to understand. It’s hard enough to write a complete article start to finish in all…

It was a lot harder than I thought

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Well, the end of the month is over and we’re finally in August so how did I do on my 30 Day Challenge?

In my original pledge post, my goal for the month of July was to upload 4o articles in 30 days. I told myself to come up with 30 articles for 30 different publications as well as self-publishing 10 articles. I ended up finishing the month with 31 posts instead of my goal of 40.

I’m not upset, just disappointed. Here’s the recap:

Why I Failed

I love writing and I think it can be a great way to relax your…

Pushing for greatness

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When I first started Medium I read a lot of blog posts about growing and making money on this platform. So much useful advice was being given to me that it took me 2 and a half months to gather as much information as possible.

I’m the kind of person to write everything down. Whenever I saw some useful advice given by other Medium writers, I write it down on a slip of paper so that I can remember it when I plan out my week.

These articles that teach how to grow on Medium all have one similar approach…

The answer is right in front of you

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It’s not easy to be motivated in something for a long time (unless it’s your passion of course). You could go days in a row where you’re highly motivated to perform or work on anything and the day after, you decide to stay in bed and binge Netflix. I’m unfortunately guilty of this too much for my own liking

Why does this happen?

Your mindset is intimidated.

We’re all busy working on our own projects and assignments and it takes a lot of time to work on those I get it. It’s hard to stay excited about something unless you…

4 side hustles that aren’t worth your time and effort

side hustles to avoid
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Having a side hustle should be something you look into if you haven’t already. You’re missing out on some easy money and besides, there’s nothing wrong with making extra money on top of money you’ve already made from your job. That extra money you make will add up sooner than you think and if you have the time, find more side hustles and check them out.

I’ve made blogs on some of my favorite side hustles that could potentially reward you more than your full-time job has, it’s been getting more common for these side hustles to pay you a…

How to grow your YouTube channel the right way

YouTube camera
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Being a full-time YouTuber has always been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid and first discovered the platform. I was hooked instantly and I’ve still been watching YouTube ever since with the same dream in mind.

YouTube was the Netflix for me in my childhood, honestly, I think it’s better especially modern-day YouTube where the content is at an all-time high. I loved watching channels like KSI, Logan Paul, Pewdiepie, etc. …

Avoid my mistakes and you’ll find success on Medium faster than other writers

wish balloon Medium
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Joining Medium and being a member of the Partner Program has become one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve always wanted to start and run a blog and was never quite sure where to blog from. Medium has developed into an amazon blogging platform that acts like a normal social media app but is so much more than that.

Not a Medium member? You can use my referral link to become a member today for only $5 a month!

Safe to say, I’ve made countless mistakes especially when first starting. No one is perfect and a big problem…

Just how much money could they bring in for you?

instagram influencers
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If you have any plans on creating or starting up your own business, take the risk and do it. It’s competitive, but with social media marketing, anyone can make a lot of money off growing and creating their own business/brand.

Instagram influencers are the cheat code to Instagram marketing for your business. But first, let’s get into what an influencer is and why they have an important role in marketing.

What is an influencer?

An individual who has a following in a particular niche/industry, which they actively engage with. …

Careful not to sell your soul for your blog(s)

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It’s nice to have a reliable stream of income like Medium. The Partner Program has pushed me to become a better writer over the months and I’m excited for what the future holds because I really do think that we’re just getting started.

A dream of mine was to get paid by writing and helping people out and that’s exactly what has been happening since I joined the Medium Partner Program. I even managed to go from a little over $2 my first month to $25+ the next month through hard work and dedication.

The first time you get paid…

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